Super Group took its first commercial step in textile industry back in 1985.

Having proceeded on its way with the projects in construction, tourism, foods, electricity and energy, it has grown out at home and abroad and continues to provide service.

Super Group aims to the uper level within the brands Bind Chocolate, Garden, Darusultan, in domestic and overseas operations and works.

Super Textile, which is under the umbrella of Super Group exports textile products such as drapery and decorative fabrics and ready-made curtains to many countries around the globe. Super Textile, which is one of the leading companies in home textile products and curtain fabric production in Turkey, collaborated with corporate trademarks in the domestic market.

  • İplik
  • Dokuma
  • Üretim
  • lab
  • Baskı
  • Düz boya
  • kartela
  • paket
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Tatli Çikolata

With the Bind Chocolate trademark, established in 1971, Tatli Cikolata has collaborated with the world-famous chocolate masters from Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. It is the very first trademark that produces boutique chocolate in Turkey. Established on 14 thousand sqm area in Silivri, it has a modern factory where hundreds of personnel are employed. It has a constant and uninterrupted vision for development from the governance mindsetto working discipline, technology and R&D team that closely follows up with all advancements.

Super Construction is equipped with modern technology and experienced staff, which enabled it to become one of the leading companies engaged inthe construction industry in a short time.

DaruSultan Hotels/Galata is the very first hotel established under the umbrella of Super Otelcilik of Super Group. Having an increased popularity in recent years, it is prominent for telling us about the story of the Ottoman Empire.

Super Elektrik offers for sale electricity to eligible consumers. With its experienced and expert team, it has a leading vision and intends to differentiate itself thanks to its expertise in energy industry.


Monthly invoice amount, 133 TL and above subscribers are entitled to free consumers.

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Having decided to invest in renewable energy sources, Super Enerji group made its initial investment in Kayabuku Regulator and HES project in July 2010. The power plant operated in Mengendistrict inthe province of Bolu has 15 MW installed capacity.

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Incorporated in 2007 to expand its production vision and put signature to new projects, Super ElektrikUretim A.S.invests on in renewable sources. Installed capacityofCataltepe Wind Power Plant, whose project design process is still underway in Catalcadistrict in the province of Istanbul, and which is anticipated to have been completed by 2014 is 10 MW.

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It was incorporated in 2011 and has been carrying on with R&D works, project design works and drilling works in the licensed geothermal sources explorationsmainly in the provinces of Aydin, Denizli and Manisa.

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