President´s Message

President’s Message


Having adopted the principle of superior quality, Super Group combines its proven success in home textile industrywith its accomplished projects in construction, tourism, foods, electricity and energy, and continues to provided added value to the national economy with the new investment projects. The group provides employment for 1300 personnel recruited in different sectors.


Super Groupfollows a corporate culture that is universally accepted, environmental friendly and offers a working system that is customer-oriented, and world-class standards. It thus aims at sitting a global example for all.


It intends to hold together different social strata with its social responsibility projects, and to raise next generations in support of training and modernised systems.

With an approach that respects ethical values and is customer-oriented, it is dedicated to come up with modern and superior quality products; and has an honest understanding that respects diversity.

Tapping into scientific methodscombined with objective and unbiased data, it is further dedicated to offer convenience, fast and efficient solutions, and to use technology for smarter outputs.


It targets sustainability with no dependence on individuals,production of corporate data accurately, survival of processes and systems in a given business model. And it sets measurable and success-meritingtargets for itself for constant and uninterrupted improvement and development.


Ibrahim Yasubuga