DaruSultan Hotels/Galata is the very first hotel established under the umbrella of Super Otelcilik of Super Group. Having an increased popularity in recent years, it is prominent for telling us about the story of the Ottoman Empire.
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Darusultan Hotel

DaruSultan Hotel/Galata, which views Galata onthe one side and the Golden Horn on the other side, is one of the last two examples for Levantine architecture in Istanbul.Its historical location and excellent design inspired by the Ottoman sultans; DaruSultan Hotel/Galata offers the past embedded in a modern age, allowing the guests to have a time travel back in the time. 


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DaruSultan is a peerlessvenue for those that want to have profound thoughts, discover, perceive and feel thepast, take a break from the ordinary routines and feel special.