Super Textile, which is under the umbrella of Super Group exports textile products such as drapery and decorative fabrics and ready-made curtains to many countries around the globe. Super Textile, which is one of the leading companies in home textile products and curtain fabric production in Turkey, collaborated with corporate trademarks in the domestic market.
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What lies beneath the exports by Super Textile to over 40 countries is an experienced marketing team that is familiar with the market, makes constant visits; an innovative


With R & D team and reconditioned machinery, which always results-oriented portfolio's overall exports of  "Süper Tekstil" , Western Asia, America, North Africa countries.


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Story of the finished goods starts with the thread. Thread is brought to Super Textile, it is decomposed, coiled up, woven and finally made into fabric. Fabric goes through a set of stages including printing, washing, control, recovery and packaging before it is made ready and available for being forwarded to the customer as a finished product in our storehouse.

Super Textile is an integrated facility where the story of the thread begins and ends.  It closely follows up with the global trends, techniques and innovative designs with the help of experienced and professional personnel dedicated to superior quality services.