With the Bind Chocolate trademark, established in 1971, TatliCikolata has collaborated with the world-famous chocolate masters from Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. It is the very first trademark that produces boutique chocolate in Turkey. Established on 14 thousand sqm area in Silivri, it has a modern factory where hundreds of personnel are employed. It has a constant and uninterrupted vision for development from the governance mindsetto working discipline, technology and R&D team that closely follows up with all advancements.
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Bind Chocolate

Bind Chocolate produces 100% real chocolates with no additives, and uses cacao oil only. It is a unique trademark that produces boutique chocolate for the first time in Turkey. 


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Involved under the umbrella of Super Group; Bind Chocolate has 11 boutique stores at home a in addition to many others in USA (New Jersey), Russia (Moscow), Kuwait (Sanabil), Norway (Oslo), Bahrein (Qatar), Japan (Tokyo), Korea (Surveys). It intends to grow as a global trademark by following a prospective policy that is open for further improvements.